The decision for the scheme

In the previous post I was analyzing what the kinds of tower defense games Pros and Cons. By now, we have decided which one would be the more appropriate.

I am quoting the definition I made for it.

Fig 3, this is also a classical scheme were enemies just follow an straight path from right to left or left to right, trying to reach the “tower”, defenders will be added at the top of the tower and from there they will be attacking. Enemies don’t follow straight rows, they just travel side by side. The tower will have a health bar where you could see how it is taking damage when the enemies reach it and attack it. Several games use point and click to kill the enemies.

Essentially, this would be the best format for what we are trying to accomplish, its also the easiest path to go but that doesn’t mean the game will all be based on this, and also, it is not just for the simplicity that we chose it but rather for the way we could adapt it to our idea.

We first though we could make it isometric but as enemies only are going to walk forward the tower and players will face the enemies, doing something isometric will make the visibility of the players and enemies poor because you will only be able to see the back of one of them and the face of the other. Making it side view you will always see the face of the players and enemies. it would also shorts the animation frames to be drawn but the most important point for not to make it isometric is the facing of the characters.


  • Not isometric, it will be side view.
  • Enemies walk from right to left with no maze or road path.

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