A zombies project

We are attempting to make a zombies project using as base the lemonade project trying out a practice that we are calling “community game development”.

Why are we going to use the lemonade project as base?

  • First of all, we want an easy game to make, we have some graphics, the base idea, and the code that we need to kinda convert it to html 5.
  • Graphics are easy to make and we are going to experiment giving the people the opportunity to help us with that.
  • Taking into account the previous two points, this game could take us a short time to make it, or at least, to have something to show and to play.

Why a zombies project?

  • Rather than for being a trendy topic, there is the fact that we can use a lot of different zombie characters, that’s were people will be able to contribute.
  • Its a theme well received from people, a lot of persons like it, even though it is constantly over used by video games, movies, etc.
  • Not very exploded here locally and we want to make the levels representing some important places of our city.

Community game development, what is that?

  • Is an experimental practices where we are gonna give people from Facebook the opportunity to make content for the game.
  • We will give them some very attractive and easy to use editors, with base templates drawings so they almost just choice the colors or paint the inside of a contoured character and also the option to make them from zero if they want it to.
  • The editors are going to use a grid, the characters are 128 pixels width per 64 pixels height, it this grid you could paint point by point or actually select the colors from a list of categories, one example would be, zombies skin colors.
  • The editors will appear at the end of the given chapter or level of the game, asking the player if they one to make their own zombie, or as a editors outside the game.
  • The zombies chosen to be inside the game will have the credit of the author on the screen of credits in the game.

OK, I know what it is, but why that community game development thing.

  • Help us to keep more in touch with people, get more people to know us.
  • All our projects have the touch to be massive (happy sky, virtual dresser, re-gaming, etc.) and by doing this, it feels we are keeping the same path.
  • People will know what any other things we can make, and of what we are able to do, they can also give us good feed back about our work.
  • The game will need to be deployed in chapters or in short levels, so we are going to constantly see our work finished not having to wait for longs and longs periods of development.
  • For just a merely purpose of experiment and see how people reacts.



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